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Plural of reversibel. reversible (masculine and feminine plural reversibles) 1. Reversible and irreversible reactions are different. And sometimes these terms quasi-static and reversible are used interchangeably, but there is a difference.

It was initially piloted by a Ribbons Almark AI, but when it was on the losing end against the Ballistic Zaku and a Char Aznable AI, Allan switched to an Amuro RayAI and the match ended in a draw. Definition of reversible. The Tank mode is mainly for long-range artillery bombardments, but also features large claw hands for melee combat in an improvement over the Reborns Gundam Origin’s Tank mode. (physics, of a phase change) Capable of returning to the original state. . &92;displaystyle &92;ce &92;mathit aA + &92;mathit Reversible bB &92;mathit cC + &92;mathit dD A and B can react to form C and D or, in the reverse reaction, C and D can react to form A and B. Adaptive reversible image watermarking algorithm based on DE Abstract: In this study, reversible circuits are revisited to achieve extreme soft-defect awareness in classical CMOS circuits. reversibly adverb.

(of clothing) Able to be worn inside out. ’ ‘Extras for this DVD amount to an illustration gallery, previews, a mini poster insert, and a reversible cover. The griddle is perfect for eggs, pancakes and potatoes. What is the definition of reversible? Probably from Middle French.

This is not to be confused with a Sequential Royal, which pays in the 10-J-Q-K-A direction only. The grill has deep ribbing that drains grease for healthier burgers, steaks, fish and vegetables and more. Définitions de réversible. As seen on TikTok and Instagram, the Reversible Octopus™ is the funniest way to express your mood to your Reversible significant other and friends.

Reversibility, in thermodynamics, a characteristic of certain processes (changes of a system from an initial state to a final state spontaneously or as a result of interactions with other systems) that can be reversed, and the system restored to its initial state, without leaving net effects in. · A "reversible royal" is one that pays a premium for a sequential royal flush in EITHER direction. “reversible” in Diccionario de la lengua española, Vigésima tercera edición, Real Academia Española,.

In addition, the Tank mode. See full list on en. What is a reversible and irreversible reaction? The hood is reversible, so that passengers may be sheltered from the wind when the car runs backwards.

adjective capable of reversing or of being reversed. Product Title Reversible Comforter Set 5 Piece Ultra Soft Duvet In. More Reversible images. Able to be reversed.

Share your mood with an Emotional Support Friend who will be there through thick and thin! With a reversible design, this spacious and soft faux-leather tote offers double the styling options to coordinate with any ensemble. In a reversible system the products of a physical or chemical reaction may be induced to interact so as to reproduce the original components. This limiting energy is the absolute maximum amount of energy which can operate in the reversible cycle. Evidently such a process is reversible, and the phonograph can send a message to the distant receiver. “reversible” in Gran Diccionari de la Llengua Catalana, Grup Enciclopèdia Catalana. · Reversible definition: If a process or an action is reversible, its effects can be reversed so that the.

The inflammation is usually reversible, but there are times when the inflammation isn&39;t reversible and the pulp can&39;t heal itself. Since it would take an infinite amount of time for the reversible process to finish, perfectly reversible processes are impossible. 2 people chose this as the best definition of reversible: The definition of reversi.

reversible adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house. Average rating: 4. More Reversible videos. capable of reestablishing the original condition after a change by the reverse of the change. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Powered by Oxford Dictionaries. The Gundam mode is a very versatile human-like mode, while the Cannon mode is for mid-range combat and the versatility of the Gundam mode with the firepower of the Tank mode.

Using this feature as a clue, Allan also incorporated other original transformation gimmicks into the Gunpla. 8 out of 5 stars, based on 5 reviews 5 ratings Current Price . Qui peut revenir en arrière, qui peut se produire en sens inverse : Le temps n&39;est pas réversible.

‘The reversible cover is a nice touch, the booklet is informative, and it&39;s just plain pretty. Recent Examples on the Web: Adjective Border closures, the near cessation of travel, and supply chains in disarray seemed to end the notion that globalization was reversible. This means versatility and value. All Which is Correct spellings and definitions, including "Reversible or reversable" are based on official English dictionaries, which means you can browse our website with confidence! But the idea of a reversible process is something that happens so slowly. This page is a spellcheck for word reversible. “reversible” in Diccionari normatiu valencià, Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua. In thermodynamics, a reversible process is a process whose direction can be reversed to return the system to its original state by inducing infinitesimal changes to some property of the system&39;s surroundings.

A reversible change is a change that can be undone or reversed. Created by Allan Adams, former PPSE Chief Engineer, the Reversible Gundam is an all-purpose machine with every kind of armament, and could also handle mid-range fire support and long-range sniping. reversibility noun 2. Irreversible definition, not reversible; incapable of being changed: His refusal is irreversible. Gamehide’s novel Reversible garments are just that, reversible from one look to another. c : wearable with either side out a reversible coat.

In a system of this kind, the colloidal material may have a high molecular weight, with single molecules. “reversible” in Diccionari català-valencià-balear, Antoni Maria Alcover and Francesc de Borja Moll, 1962. Get it as soon as Thu.

A reversible reaction is a reaction where the reactants and products react together to give the reactants back. (of the effects of a process or condition) capable of being reversed so that the previous state or situation is restored: "potentially reversible forms of renal failure" ▪ (of a reaction) occurring together with its converse, and so yielding an equilibrium mixture of reactants and products: "the formation of ethyl acetate from ethyl alcohol and acetic acid is a reversible reaction" ▪ (of a change or process) capable of complete and detailed reversal, especially denoting or undergoing an ideal change in which a system is in thermodynamic equilibrium at all times: "the entropy change is zero only in the limiting case of a reversible process" ▪ (of a colloid) capable of being changed from a gel into a sol by a reversal of the treatment which turns the sol into a gel: "a reversible sol–gel transformation". How to use irreversible in a sentence. 2 out of 5 stars 28 . “reversible” in Diccionari de la llengua catalana, segona edició, Institut d’Estudis Catalans. Scrabble Points: 15. Reversible image watermarking is the premise of ensuring the visual quality of the original image.

Created by Allan Adams, the Reversible Gundam was used in a test of the battle system&39;s newly implemented automatic control mode, which used quasi-personality AIs based on pilots from various Gundam works to pilot instead of a Gunpla Fighter. See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. 4 million sent to artisans so far!

Explore our latest Reversible selection of reversible jackets for men. Shop for reversible at Nordstrom. Most hunters hunt more than one species, more than one season. That&39;s Reversibles.

capable of reversing or of being reversed. Can a reversible process be reversible? (of a fabric) woven or printed so that either side may be exposed. 5 out of 5 stars 7,653. To make matters more confusing, sometimes Reversible Royal games refer to one in either direction as a Sequential Royal. (Entry 1 of 2) : capable of being reversed or of reversing: such as. Antonyms for reversible include irreversible, irreparable, irrevocable, irremediable, final, unalterable, unrepairable, unrectifiable, immutable and unchangeable.

However, if the system undergoing the changes responds much faster than the applied change, the deviation from reversibility may be negligible. Average rating: 3. Se dit d&39;une étoffe, d&39;un vêtement qui peuvent être mis à l&39;envers comme à l&39;endroit. reversible - capable of reversing or being reversed; "reversible hypertension" Based on WordNet 3.

Like its base Gunpla, the Reborns Gundam, the Reversible Gundam can transform between Gundam mode and Cannon mode, but it also has an additional Tank mode like the CB-0000G/C/T Reborns Gundam Origin, the Reborns Gundam&39;s original design. Throughout the entire reversible process, the system is in thermodynamic equilibrium with its surroundings. 0, Farlex clipart collection. Discover Reversible at NOVICA handcrafted by talented artisans worldwide. reversible (not comparable) 1. Irreversible definition is - not reversible. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle, 16. In either case, a visit to the dentist is necessary.

Reversible processes are quasi-static, and most quasi-static processes are reversible, but there are a few special cases that aren&39;t. " (clothing: can be worn inside-out) reversibile agg aggettivo : Descrive o specifica un sostantivo: "Una persona fidata " - "Con un cacciavite piccolo " - "Questioni controverse ". ©Princeton University, Farlex Inc. Adjective Fortunately, the damage is reversible. (of a chemical reaction) capable of proceeding in either of two directions. . See full list on gundam.

The Rock nonstick cast aluminum reversible grill/griddle is your perfect ally to prepare healthy meals. , visual hallucinations, cortical blindness, hemianopia, quadrantanopia, and diplopia), seizures (focal or general to. Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES) is an illness in which a person can present with acutely altered mentation, drowsiness or sometimes Reversible stupor, visual impairment (e. Shop men&39;s reversible jackets on sale at Eddie Bauer, a legend in American sportswear. Browse a wide selection of reversible face mask and face coverings available in various fabrics and configurations, made by a community of small business-owners.

Madison Park Reversible Spa Rug 100%-Cotton Striped Ultra Soft Water Fast Bath Non-Slip Absorbent Quick Dry Mats for Tub, Shower Room, and Bathroom, 27"x45", Blue 4. From the Cambridge English Corpus These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.


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